CAA approved drone pilot providing drone photography and drone video based in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

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CAA approved drone pilot based in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire. Certified drone pilot services Drone photography Wiltshire and Drone photography Oxfordshire.

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Unmanned Aircraft Operator

Introducing Mike

Mike has been at the heart of complex air operations for many years. He was a reconnaissance navigator and an instructor of advanced low level navigation with the Royal Air Force. This wealth of experience and talent is brought to the safe conduct of our unmanned aircraft (drone) operations. He writes:

"I have always had a creative streak in me. This combined with my flying experience made operating drones for aerial imagery and video was a natural choice on leaving the Royal Air Force.

As an instructor I taught air law, meteorology, airmanship, map and charts, mental dead reckoning, low level navigation and much more.

The reconnaissance role was always demanding. It required meticulous planning and attention to detail. Choosing the best equipment for each task, safe line(s) of approach, the best 'angle of dangle', the best time of day or night and so on.

You may like to read my notes below called 'why use a drone?'. These are based on defining the characteristics of using the air.

Drone Operations

Why use a drone?

Use of the air can be an advantage to many potential clients. Drone operations in particular offer:

Economy of effort

Imagine how long it would take to survey an area or inspect an installation at height, particularly with all the 'working at height' health a safety regulations? The bottom line is that a drone can save you time and effort.


The main reason for using a drone is its unique perspective from height. It is possible to either gain a wide perspective or to hone on to a particular point of interest.

Speed of Response

Drone operations with an accomplished operator can achieve rapid results. Once on scene the aircraft can be in the air after just a few minutes with a capability to show live imagery. This could be particularly useful for the emergency services. Recorded imagery could be later used for debriefing purposes.


The recorded output of the drone can be video or still images, in RAW or JPG formats. This can be achieved at heights from ground level to 400 feet in the air.

Working at Height

The video below is of an old knarled tree on a golf course. It could represent anything tall such as a chimney, a mast, a building, a wind-turbine. The point is that when viewed on the big screen the quality of the video provided is first class. Just pause the video at any stage to see all the nooks and crannies on the old tree (or potentially the chimney, mast, building, or wind-turbine etcetera).

Stunning images

A range of formats

Video available in 4K

See our gallery

Meticulous flight planning

Safe and legal

Advice on the possible

Planning your task

Weather is a factor

Precipitation = postpone

Strong wind = postpone

Understanding weather


CAA approved drone pilot providing drone aerial photography and drone aerial video based in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

CAA approved PfCO drone pilot based in Oxfordshire. Certified drone pilot for the emergency services, working at height, agriculture, farming, media, marketing, building industry, conservation, archaeology and estate agents. Drone pilot.