CAA approved drone pilot providing drone photography and drone video based in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

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CAA approved drone pilot based in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire. Certified drone pilot services Drone photography Wiltshire and Drone photography Oxfordshire.

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Flight Planning

Preparing for your task

Upon receipt of your task we will look into the finer detail of how best to meet your needs.

Airspace regulations

If your point of interest is close to an airfield, we will liaise with its Air Traffic Control on the operational possibilities.

Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)

We check the daily NOTAMs to ensure that there are no other air activities occurring in the vicinity.

Local transmissions

We need to ensure that any local transmissions will not interfere with our unmanned aircraft system.

Take off and landing permissions

We need permission for take-off and landing from the land owner(s).

Meteorological limits

We always keep an eye on the weather forecast and fly within safe limits.

Site surveys

We conduct pre- and on-site surveys to determine feasibility and to plan safe flights.

Risk assessment

We conduct risk assessments for each task.

Best date and time of operation

Bearing in mind all of the above, we will liaise when the best time to operate is.

Go / No Go

We will advise on our Go / No Go decision.

Our SUAS pilot will always have the final say on whether it is safe to fly.

Planning resources

Civil Aviation Authority - Drones

Air Navigation Order

CAP 722

Met Office

Angle of Dangle

Stunning images

A range of formats

Video available in 4K

See our gallery

Meticulous flight planning

Safe and legal

Advice on the possible

Planning your task

Weather is a factor

Precipitation = postpone

Strong wind = postpone

Understanding weather


CAA approved drone pilot providing drone aerial photography and drone aerial video based in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

CAA approved PfCO drone pilot based in Oxfordshire. Certified drone pilot for the emergency services, working at height, agriculture, farming, media, marketing, building industry, conservation, archaeology and estate agents. Drone pilot.