on Drone Operations and the Emerging Industry

Drones – Height Limit in UK

The drone code in the UK is quite specific on the maximum height for drone hobby flying and commercial drone operations. But the devil is in the detail. The Civil Aviation Authority permission for commercial operations states that aircraft shall […]

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Infrared Drone Technology – Springwatch

It was great to see BBC Springwatch using drone technology this evening. The aim was to seek out Hares in the open countryside.  These animals are very difficult to spot from the ground and also from the air using electro-optical […]

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Clarity from Above – Patience

A progressive report from PwC drone powered solutions identified many uses of drones emerging across industries. ‘Clarity from Above’ also described the barriers to progress. However, they miss a short to medium term crucial issue for this emerging technology. That […]

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How to hire a drone pilot

The UK regulations are quite clear regarding to the use of drone flying for commercial purposes. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approves drone pilots by issuing a PfCO, or Permission for Commercial Operations. The PfCO is a legal requirement. It […]

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