A progressive report from PwC drone powered solutions identified many uses of drones emerging across industries. ‘Clarity from Above’ also described the barriers to progress. However, they miss a short to medium term crucial issue for this emerging technology. That is public and Company perceptions of drones.

The public only see bad news stories regarding drones. We have all seen them. Such reports should focus on the bad behaviour of the person flying the machine rather than the technology.

It is unlikely that Companies are currently aware of the possibilities. Institutional reluctance or denial is likely to be a factor. For example, the roof of a prestigious building in my area needs attention. The cost of scaffolding on such a scale would be astronomical. I smile when I see the folk responsible for the upkeep looking upwards and scratching their heads!

A face to face explanation of a drone solution, business cards handed out backed by supporting emails hailed zero response. How frustrating? Perceptions and behaviours take time to nudge!

Drone operations will become commonplace. In the meantime, those of us with the hard-earned qualifications and personal investments need to be patient until our technological talents are recognised.